Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brownies and Museums

Today I made salted caramel nutella brownies.
Oh my gosh. These go in the 'keep' pile. (though I would add even more nutella next time).

It felt really good to make something from scratch. Just to be productive in the most literal sense: to produce an actual thing. It makes you feel like it was a day well-spent, even if all you did was make a fudgy, salty, sweet, calorific dessert.

But that wasn't all I did. There was a sprinkle of culture in there, too.

Reeve and I went to Balboa Park today, which was still beautiful despite the gloom. We spent a couple hours in the Museum of Art. Museums are always a weird experience for me, because until you hit age 30, every single employee is going to eye you for a second too long, just waiting for you to make some sort of mistake. Also being made to stay quiet for that long is unnatural for me. But. Still. Good things happen in museums. I think the forced quiet is ultimately helpful. It calms me, takes me to a different place. A peaceful, introspective, thoughtful place. I also found an exhibit to base my Actor's Craft project on... an exhibit that made those peaceful feelings even stronger.

Also, Balboa is seriously the best. There are so many places to go and so many wonderful spots to just sit and BE. I need to spend more time down there. On top of the 52034832 other reasons I love that Reeve is here, one important reason is that it's getting me back in touch with my hometown. I'm going places I haven't spent much time in for years, and that really makes me happy. (also sad that I haven't been doing it).

Here's to the second half of the week! Also tomorrow which is DISNEY.

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