Tuesday, February 14, 2012

100th Post and Valentine's Day

One hundred posts. Almost half of which came from this year. I'll get more sappy on my one year blog anniversary, but I just love blogging. It has definitely become my therapy. I can't believe I have hit 'publish' one hundred times. That is quite a lot. I feel I'm only getting better at writing and documenting, with a few off days now and then. Here's to one hundred more (which will come sometime in late May/early June!)

Today was the big VDay. Even having a Valentine, it was fairly uneventful. I didn't eat enough chocolate for my liking. Also I'm still sick and not as peppy as I possibly could be. However, my lovely boyfriend sent me a bouquet of flowers—with a vase and everything! They are tulips and... some other flower I don' t know the name of. Lots of pink and purple and green. They are beautiful, but won't bloom fully for about three days, so I'll post a picture then. Boys don't really understand flowers, but Dan still took the time/effort/money to send me some. He's such a gem.

One other thing I will say about Valentine's Day... the over sharing on social media sites is kind of atrocious. Whether you're single and sad, single and touting about how happy you are, or in a relationship and posting pictures of what your significant other got you. It. Is. Annoying. More so than on any other day. And the "I hate Valentine's Day" posts. It's like, damn. Keep it to yourself. Just today. I feel like all of it just ultimately makes people feel bad.


I had bigger plans in my mind for my 100th post. But. Alas. Here we are. Midnight and sick and tired. Such is life. I refuse to pretend!

Must sleep now. More from me tomorrow.

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