Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Night at the Theater

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Because Danielle can't handle going to YouTube and typing in my username. But hey, she reads the blog. What more can I ask of her?

I went to see VRDT at the Bardavon Theater tonight. They were just fabulous. They make it look so easy. I'm in Abby Saxon's jazz class right now, and let me tell you: Shit. Ain't. Easy. And even when it is, I look absolutely ridiculous for the most part. I try to blame it on my gangly limbs and slightly above average height (and I do think some blame lies with Abby Saxon's petite 4'nothing figure that can look cute doing anything) but I will admit: I am not the cutest in Advanced Beginning Jazz.

I really enjoy watching dance. Sometimes it's a very emotional and moving thing for me. Other times it isn't, and I can feel myself zoning out with pretty background music. Tonight, though, I was engaged pretty much the entire time. The precision, the flow, the grace, the lightness of foot. Also the anger, the yearning, the severity, the sass. It all came through tonight, and my friends up there working it out just perfectly was the icing.

There really is nothing like a night spent with the arts. It is beauty at its best.

(P.S. I saw Dana Cass (also here) tonight and it was just so good to see one of the first people I really knew/looked up to at Vassar—even the times it was kinda from afar. Ish. And she told me she reads my blog (HI DANA). I promise I'm not saying all this because she reads my blog. Dana's great. She's gifted in many respects, writing being but one of them, and her wit inspires me. Also she was in VRDT when she was at Vassar so this is relevant.)

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