Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm a Freaking Bee

I contemplated writing a post on the recurring thoughts I have while passing the cemetery on my way to dance every Tuesday and Thursday, but decided I'm not ready for that. Too morbid for the moment.


I spent most of last year and last semester thinking I wasn't doing enough. Everyone else was more involved, had more than just a show, etc. I wanted someone to ask me what I did on campus and be able to spout off an exhaustive list.

This semester is a different story.
Not only am I in one show, but two.
I'm on the board of FWA, and unlike last semester, I actually have responsibilities. Lots of them. Why did I think treasurer was a good idea?
I'm a tour guide. Which basically equals weird ass time commitments.
I'm taking 5 classes.
Oh, and I joined an intramural soccer team? (still processing that one)

Not that I'm any busier than all of the other overachievers here (of which I am not one, seriously), but this is the most I've ever had to do.

...I love it.

Being busy makes me feel productive, excited, able to forge on with purpose.
I just HAVE to nail down a routine so I can get all of my homework done. It's not happening at the moment, y'all.
My brain/body isn't used to having so many things going on. Also my constant, strange, totally-irrelevant-to-anything thoughts are FIGHTING for room in there.

Anybody got any links to an intensive time management course? I'd fit that in somewhere.

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