Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Dump [the fourth]

I just don't understand why peeing in the shower is that big of a deal. It bothers me that people will turn on the shower, then go pee, then go get in the shower... So much water wasting! I don't know, maybe that's my unpopular opinion.

Also, I'm legitimately sick. It's a head cold, which is a double-edged sword. Good, because it's not serious and I can (hopefully) get it out of here pretty soon, but shitty because it is annoying as all hell. And I don't know if this is psychological, but I feel like it further impairs my brain functioning because all the pain and discomfort is in the same general area as my brain.

I should really, really get on top of my readings for class, but it is just insanely difficult for me to sit down and focus on them. Which is strange because I love reading and my current books/plays, etc are not bad at all. They're interesting! I just need to go to the library and block out a few hours only for reading.

My dad booked my flight home for spring break... and Reeve is coming with me! It is official and I am so so excited. I want to start planning our week NOW so that it's not last minute and we have plenty to do. He's never been to southern California so I need to have a proper itinerary planned out.

I wish I could be with Dan on Valentine's Day.... but I'm sending him a funny card and I know I'm supposed to be expecting something on Tuesday... excited! Also I should be able to head down to the city this weekend! My first city date with my love the boyfriend Daniel. Wow everything sounds so cheesy. Promise I don't mean to.

Ok bed must happen now. My head is pounding and I feel indisputably gross.

Have a happy Monday!

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