Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sickness Essentials

In life, there are a few things I cannot live without.

In sickness, there are a few more. Let's talk about them.

Chapstick: This is a life essential as well. Seriously, if I have to go a day without chapstick... it is not a good day. It is my holy grail. Danae sleeps with her chapstick. Or, she used to. Perhaps she lost a few too many tubes and learned her lesson. But you get the idea. IT'S IMPORTANT. It's also multi-purpose! In a pinch, you can use it on dry knuckles/hands or, as in my case today, on that skin between my nose and lips. Too much nose blowing = chafe city. It also = nasty.

Kleenex: I realize I'm using company names for general terms but that's the way we roll in this century. I'm a little obsessed with those personal packs of tissues with the fun packaging. So convenient and a lot less gross than a wad of 1-ply toilet paper or recycled napkins at lunch. I wonder how many Kleenex I've gone through at this point.

Water: Well, duh. But like, DYING without a water bottle in close proximity. See also: I'm peeing a lot.

Tea: I know, I know. Tea is actually dehydrating, but I'm avoiding the caffeinated ones! Throat Coat and Chamomile at all times. I brought my 16oz. snowman mug to Economics on Tuesday. That important. Also, throw in some Honey Loquat mixed in hot water every now and then. It tastes just a tad repulsive (maybe I'm being dramatic), but it definitely helps. You can also just take a spoonful of it, but make sure you have a chaser close by.

A good moisturizer: Like I said, chafe city. Also it's just a little luxury that is ten times more satisfying when you are sickly and stuffy and devoid of fluids.

I hate to say it, but... DayQuil: I have no access to awesome natural homeopathic methods for relief of this cold. Also, I have to be at 100% for multiple things throughout the day, and this little gem really helps with that. Picks up my mood, too! It just makes sick life easier.

Friends: Awwww. Make sure there are people making you laugh and smile and forget about your pain and discomfort. They say laughter is the best medicine. I personally like the phrase "Laughter is an instant vacation." And a vacation is what I feel like I need whenever I start to come down with something.

And finally...
SLEEP. For the love of all things holy, GO TO BED. I am so awful at this one. But not tonight! Getting to sleep early so that I can speed through the rest of this week!

So if this season is getting you down, throw on some comfy clothes (fleece and sweatpants for me, please) and make sure all of these things are within arms reach from your bed!

Here's to getting better!

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