Monday, February 6, 2012

Breathe it In

I think the scent of Natural Works Water Lily dish soap will forever remind me of freshman year and the three south bathroom.

I still have that same bottle of dish soap. Every time I use it I'm immediately transported. If I smell it next year, will it remind me of sophomore year a well?
I don't think so. I think the freshman year memory is locked in.

Sense of smell is so weird that way. It's the most nostalgic, emotionally linked sense, which is one of the reasons why being sick and losing that sense is just MISERABLE.

It's so ridiculously visceral. I've cried, laughed, smiled, grimaced, gagged, fantasized, felt agitated or relaxed all because of what I'm smelling!

It's a bit of a love/hate relationship.
But mostly love.
Because a delicious meal, a warm dessert, the scent of a significant other, your favorite perfume, comforts of home, a childhood memory... so good. 

Nothing affects me like a strong scent.
I wish I could bottle a few.

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