Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tonight, I played soccer for the first time in, oh... at least 5 years.

I joined an intramural team, and tonight was our first game. It was SO FUN. We suffered a massive loss, but being new and inexperienced for the most part, not having practiced, and playing RUGBY boys, I am pretty damn proud.

There were a couple moments during the game that I was very convinced I was gonna fall over and pass out. I also fell once. And got man sweat (and my own) alllll over. Glamorous. I also was a bit afraid to fully approach these men, as I'm rather fond of my limbs and my life. But still, I kicked. I blocked. I assisted. I probably looked ridiculous, but I felt amazing. Not to mention the exercise! I forgot how fun soccer can be... and what is better than having fun with a side effect of a workout?

I seriously cannot wait to play again. Hopefully, we'll practice a few times between games so we can actually have a semblance of strategy. I have to say, though, I felt kind of badass. Kind of. Like, a very small amount. But I've only done theater/dance stuff since I've been here, and it feels so wonderful to do something different.

Another glorious tidbit: I now totally remember what played-in shinguards smell like. Mmmm...

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