Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soaking It In

This is the life I want. Waking up in the city with a view of the brownstones and the fire escapes and the sounds of cars and horns and people. But still so peaceful and quiet in its own way; cool, gentle air coming through the window, heat rising off my fresh green tea.

Also, a blogger fail again.

But I had a talk with Dan last night and ultimately decided that it was more important to cherish our all too infrequent time together than to keep up with my internet competitions with myself.

So the vlog will be short and the blog post did not happen but I spent really good quality time with my boyfriend and basked in the luxury of forgetting my responsibilities.

Still, expect another post tonight when I get back to Vassar.

Now, to enjoy one more city day with my favorite man (that isn't my dad or brother–they'll always win).

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