Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Need Sleep. Lots of Sleep.

I'm eating mini chocolate covered donuts.
They are so good. I feel no guilt.

Also it is almost the weekend but it already feels like it's here. But this weekend is full of things. Auditions, namely.

Really all I want is to be a hermit for like, a week. Catch up on all my shows and eat so much food.
I also would love to take care of my sick boyfriend. I've always thought this was kind of sappy and ridiculous, but it really does break my heart just a teeeny bit to see him not feeling well, and especially not being able to be there to make him feel better.

I felt very tired today. Physically, mentally. I got a lot of sleep but it didn't start until 3am, so that probably explains it.

All of my posts are turning into dumps like Sunday. I should start earlier so my eyes aren't closing by the end!

I have to remember to write down all the blog post ideas I have throughout the day. Because I do have them! Quite easy to forget, though.

Should I eat another donut? Yes. Always yes.

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  1. Now following! Look forward to your future posts! xx