Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thoughts on a Tuesday Night

My post from yesterday kind of sounded depressing but it really wasn't. That's just my mind. I think a lot. About weird things. I find myself believing that I think about stuff that NO ONE else does. Not in a lofty way, just as a matter of fact. But I think I give myself too much credit. What I think about just goes unsaid. It's just weird stuff no one really talks about.

My very best friends are the people I can share all of these things with. They are few and they are wonderful. I don't know what I would do if I had to be in my head 100% of the time.

Good friends are the best outlets. When you don't feel like you're working and you can release everything and just be. Let all the words and thoughts and feelings flow and never once think about being judged.

Instead of judged, you're understood.

Which is one of the best feelings there is to be felt.

People just don't take that time anymore. To sit down and work on comprehending the very essence of a friend. I'd like to sit, tucked in a corner of a coffee shop, tracing the outline of my mug and tuning the world out. Focusing on one person. Only them.

I have memories like this, and they are some of my favorites. I regret it every time I pick up my phone or momentarily zone out when I have such precious time with a precious person. There's nothing like that satisfaction of having a pure, uninterrupted human interaction.

Of understanding and being understood.

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