Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 365 #5

Day 41. 2.10.12
Using a February Photo a Day when I have nothing special to photograph.
This is my door.

Day 42. 2.11.12
Cast bonding all night. Lots of people on one couch. I love this photo.

Day 43. 2.12.12
SICK! This was my week.

Day 44. 2.13.12
Could not have survived this week without it.

Day 45. 2.14.12
My Valentine's gift from Dan. They hadn't fully bloomed yet, but still. So much love.

Day 46. 2.15.12
Care package from mama included chocolate. We are on the same wavelength because I was CRAVING the sweet stuff.

Day 47. 2.16.12. 
My first soccer game. And my first injury.

Day 48. 2.17.12
The flowers fully bloomed. SO PRETTY

Day 49 2.18.12
I might do a weekend recap, but I couldn't choose for this.
Apartment building, green tea, pizza and Breaking Bad.
I love my boyfriend.

Day 50 (!!!) 2.19.12
Afternoon in the city. Strawberry Lemonade froyo.... oh man I want more.

This is also acting as my Sunday Dump for this week. Woohoo 2 for 1. 
Time for sleep. This week will be... long.

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