Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blogger's Block

Wow I don't know what to blog about tonight. The past 38 days have been pretty simple! But right now.... nothing.

What I'm unsure of is why sitting in my desk chair is always an activity that never wants to end. Sometimes I can barely will myself up. It's so strange and annoying and makes me want to lock my computer up.

It's also freezing in my room and moving to my bed would be even colder because it's by the window.

Should I move my bed? Nope. Can't. Fits perfectly there.

But really, I would love to curl up into 1,000 blankets. I love being warm when it's cold outside. Or even when it's cold in the house... but I have to have multiple blankets and thick socks and a sweatshirt and AH I don't really have multiple blankets here so I'd rather have my heat work THANK YOU.

And this is the reason that despite their charm and curb appeal, I will never own an old house.
(Every story needs a moral, right?)

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