Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Angry Emoticon Aimed at Technology

Just purged my email. Ahhh, big sigh of relief. I feel virtually lighter. I kept so many StumbleUpon, Marie Claire, Wanelo, eBay emails thinking I was gonna go back to them to see the advice columns/products/cool pictures that piqued my interest. 

Ha. No. They were buried with the others by the avalanche of emails I get inundated with daily. Granted, it's not l,000 a day like some people, nor do I keep emails unread so I have (2639) staring at me from the side of my Mail window. Still, having over 1,000 emails in the inbox at all is insane. Who needs all that information useless crap?

I really need to do the same with my Vassar email. And my messages on Facebook. And I should probably go ahead and delete that Myspace account I haven't logged into in ages. And then I'll go into my gmail, which I only check on my phone... and that's only because the notifications make *dings* like they're text messages so I'm quick to slide the lock and see WHO WANTS TO TALK TO ME.

Technology. Rough. 

My dad just came into my room and talked to me about this one time he signed up to drive someone's car (it was an NYC cab) cross-country with his friend, and once they dropped it off in Albuquerque, they hitchhiked all the way down to Mazatlan, Mexico, spending one night on the floor of a train station. 

This would never happen today. It just wouldn't. Not with cellphones and tablets and security and everything that would just make this seem stupid, as opposed to adventurous and exciting and perfect.

Love and hate, baby. It's a process.

[P.S.: hitting 'delete' feels GOOD. Like, really good].

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