Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Routine. Wetness still dripping from wrist to elbow, now elbow to wrist. Like every night. The cool air from the open window makes me shiver and feel disdain for this walk to and from the bathroom. And for the boys down the hall.

Dull throbbing headache. A barrage of thoughts and a deep breath to will them away. My to-do list grows longer and I feel as if I could never write it all down, much less do it all.

It will get done.
Tonight, I sleep. I must sleep.

Stretch out those achy muscles, relieve the brain and the heart. The day is done, we're locked in here for hours alone. Recharge, reboot.

Thank God.

Noise in the hallway, pounding feet above me, that god-awful singing ricocheting off the walls. IT ECHOES. Don't you know?

Calm the nerves.
Let today be.

Let it be.

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