Friday, January 27, 2012

Unexpected Night Out

My ears are ringing and I'm evaluating whether or not I sweat too much to ruin the shower I took before being dragged out.

I was gonna stay in tonight, cleaning up my room and making a plan of attack for my homework... but 11:15 rolled around and Reeve convinced me to go to a birthday party. After watching Julia fall flat on her face and dancing with balloons and the birthday boy, we went to the Mug. Which should just be renamed Sweat Fest. Because, really. I weaved my way through the bodies—strategically, in a desperate attempt to avoid perspiration transfers (not a thing). The Mug is quite literally the opposite of my scene: loud music, random hookups, a claustrophobic, perpetually humid atmosphere... but I must say, the view from the DJ booth is hilarious to say the very least. When I pass a select few people on the sidewalks in the next week, I will smile secretly to myself. And also hope they don't remember seeing me because my hair was still drying when I went outside and to say that is a disaster would be a tragic understatement. Because of that, there are about 100 pictures...but none of me.

I was actually only gone for about two hours, even though it felt like ages. Despite my seemingly prudish (untrue) and homebody (kinda true) attitude, I DO have fun when I go out, and I'm glad I have friends who sooometimes know better than I do what I really want. I needed to release some freakin' pressure.

But also, I really need to clean my room.

And when will this ringing stop?

(p.s. i love how my blog is always on PST time so I can post up to 3am here and the day won't change! yay!)

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