Saturday, January 21, 2012


I hear the shrieks of laughter outside, some drunken, others induced by the combination of lateness and low temperature, that combination we all know so well. They're padding through the snow in their short dresses and fluffy coats. I can see them from the window that was made for me.

I like this view. I like hearing music from the Villard Room, seeing the flashing lights from my bed, knowing that life is pulsating all around me in so many different ways.

Sometimes, I'm in the middle of that music; I feel the flashing lights on me and the stuffy heat that I can't decide if I love or hate. Sometimes I like to wear dresses and heels and adventure into the freezing cold to see what might happen. What could break up the routine. A story to tell come Monday.

Just as much, though, I like to listen. To watch. To enjoy myself and to just know that it's out there. That life is happening. That happiness is present. And that I am warm.

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