Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tidbits on Winter Break's End

Last day in the house until March. Yes, yes, I'm excited to go back to Vassar. It is most certainly my second home. But it is also the home to:

freezing cold
inferior dining options

I think it's a combo of me having my own room and the weather being so nice, but I am so content here. And, of course, I love my fam. But that's nothing new.

I was quite far away from completing my list of to-dos. Oh, well. Break is for relaxing anyway, I guess. More last-minute stress for me, yippee! Like I'm not used to it.

Together, we shall:
memorize 2 monologues by Tuesday.
formulate a 2 minute life story by Wednesday. (which I have a blueprint for, thank God)

I'm conflicted about using tomorrow's red eye to sleep or to keep working. I'm thinking... keep working. And then caffeine in the morning when I get to JFK. Because Tuesday will be long no matter which way I slice it.

Is it just that I like being lazy? And not walking through snow to get dinner? Or having to walk more than 5 steps to use the bathroom?

I'm gonna cry when I leave. I always do that. I annoy myself.

Also, is my suitcase gonna be under the weight limit? I'll let you know.

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