Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thoughts on the Early Morning

I woke up at 5:22 this morning, because I was dreaming about being shot at (with a gun AND a crossbow. Awesome) on a dark street. Couldn't fall back asleep. So I've been up for... 17 hours now, and I'm about ready to pass out. But I so loved it! I loved being up before the sun, I loved that when the clock struck 10 (my normal wake-up time) I had already been productive. I love that magical time before the whole world wakes up. The most quiet hours, between 3 and 6. If it wouldn't completely wipe me out, I'd be up at that time way more often. So peaceful.

The day feels so fresh and new. A wonderful rebirth every day, and so many of us aren't awake to see it. I cannot decide which I like more: sunrise or sunset. Though sunsets are often more visually stunning, the promise and possibility of a sunrise is incomparable. It's fresh air, morning dew, the whole sky alighting. How do you beat that?

I hope to be asleep within the next hour, so I can try to wake up early again before I have to work. Honestly, though, fat chance. Unless someone decides to accost me in my dream again.

**Funny how I wrote about needing the freshness and newness that another day brought in my last post. And then I wake up for the sunrise. Wow. Always taken care of.

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