Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project 365: the first ten days.

Day 1. Lots of time reading Eating Animals.

Day 2. Being good to my hair, skin, self.

Day 3. I don't know how this is all I got. But I sat on this couch most of the day. Reading, blogging, etc.

Day 4. A lot of reading a lot of different things.

Day 5. Disneyland with the girls.

Day 6. My first day eating real food after the RESET.

Day 7. Long day of work, happy.

Day 8. Finally finishing eApprentice.

Day 9. Dentist. Also, below.

Still Day 9. Couldn't decide. Beautiful day.

Day 10. Lunch with my pretty sister, who gets to go off campus for lunch!

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